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Does your company need a comprehensive cybersecurity plan but you don’t know where to start? TruShield goes above and beyond every day to keep your data safe and your digital assets secure around the clock.




We understand that protecting your digital data is stressful. You’re likely handling a lot of sensitive information every day, and it can be impossible to protect it all yourself. We’ll do the heavy lifting to prevent cyberattacks, monitor your systems, and keep you informed about potential threats.
We take care of the hard work for you so you won’t have to worry when you hear about a new cyberattack. We also take a white-glove approach to customer service - your security is our top priority 24/7/365.


Our experts work with you to determine what coverage you need, and then make sure you get it. It's that simple. Every company is different, and we tailor your security plan to match your needs. Our experts understand industry-specific cyber threats, and we help companies of all sizes find the solutions that work for them.

Continuous Security Monitoring

TruShield’s comprehensive cybersecurity services ensure your information is protected 24/7/365.

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Continuous Security Monitoring Plus

We're always on watch and will actively respond to prevent a threat on your network from becoming a crisis.

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Did you know, TruShield collects 50 Billion security events and analyzes them daily?

Using a 4-step method to secure your data is easier than you think.

Forbes ranked Financial Services in the Top 5 Most Cyberattacked Industries in 2015, and here's what we are doing about it

91% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach in 2015, but it could have been prevented.

Upcoming Events

23  May

WannaCry Ransomware: Were You Really Ready or Lucky?

You may have heard about the “WannaCry Ransomware,” but if you don’t know what it is or what it might do to your company - this webinar is for you. As hundreds of thousands of companies around the world recover from the crippling effects of WannaCry, you may be asking, “Is my company safe from the next wave of ransomware?" In this webinar, we’ll explain in nontechnical terms what the WannaCry software is, and explain where it came from, describe what it does to its victims, and provide very simple steps to protect yourself from the next round predicted to digitally impact networks globally. And we’ll also explain how most US companies were lucky to not be a victim - and not because they were protected. Finally, we will also describe how these same companies (maybe your company) are still at risk.   Until recently, many companies were completely unaware of ransomware and the crippling effects this newly evolved strain of cyber extortion. And anyone who is aware of this debilitating attack often feels helpless when faced with ways to protect themselves. But they shouldn’t. There are practical steps and simple solutions that you can take to prevent or contain the crippling aftermath of a cyberattack.
24  May

Webinar: Can Your IT Architecture Impact Your Cybersecurity ROI?

Your technology infrastructure is essential for providing your members the community-oriented service they expect from you. If not properly secured, your organization is exposed to many dangers including compliance liabilities and hackers that can result in threats to your members’ data and the loss of customer confidence. At the same time, most credit unions security architecture evolved as a patchwork of add-on tools and approaches. Consequently, while protecting your members’ information and providing them value are top priorities for credit unions, it can be challenging to accomplish these goals when it comes to considering your budget. Your legacy architecture is significantly harming your IT Security practices and probably causing your credit union a negative security ROI. In this webinar, you will find out the defined ROI of cybersecurity and how working with your service partners to identify a modern IT Security Architecture can help your CU not only be more secure but also a more efficient member-focused organization.
08  May

Webinar: Building a Risk Management Program for Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are becoming more pervasive, sophisticated, and complex. Despite the reputational, financial, operational, and regulatory impact of a cybersecurity event, cybersecurity is still too often viewed as an IT problem – so organizations only look to IT for solutions. This WiBinar will discuss how to create a cyber ecosystem and operationalize the TIE framework.

2015 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

We saw a host of new threats and some interesting trends develop over the months.  Download our free Annual Cyber Threat Intelligence Report and receive a month-by-month breakdown of the 2015 threat landscape, a review of the top industries targeted, and details on the big threats we saw emerge over the year.

East Africa Exchange

Bonaventure Twagirimana

“Receiving TruShield services was a valuable decision for East Africa Exchange. We no longer worry about the security of our IT systems or the network troubleshooting, therefore have room to concentrate on the core business.”

Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

Alexandra M. Rafferty

“Before TruShield, we didn't have the manpower or employees to monitor changes within our cyber environment the way TruShield now does for us, and that's a big part of any organization’s security strategy. TruShield delivers a simple solution, which provides us with the knowledge to take the necessary steps towards mediation and strengthen our security.”


Brian Todd

“Before TruShield, it felt like we were on our own when it came to IT security, and now we have an interactive partnership. We are able to make more thoughtful decisions and positive adjustments to our security posture based on advice we can trust.”

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