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TruShield Security Solutions

Hundreds of organizations around the world rely on TruShield to protect them against tens of thousands of threats every day.

Continuous Security Monitoring

TruShield’s Continuous Security Monitoring combines a state of the art SIEM solution, multiple Security Operation Centers (SOC) staffed by seasoned security professionals 24/7 to perform around-the-clock, real-time analysis on all security events within your environment.

Penetration Testing

With TruShield’s Penetration Testing services, we identify what information in your network is vulnerable to being attacked, destroyed, or stolen. With our in-depth Penetration Testing Methodology, we give you a comprehensive look at your organization, and how to keep it secure. 

Compromise Assessments

97% of new TruShield clients already have a breach in their system...and they didn't even know it! Don't spend your nights worrying. Put your mind at ease and find out today whether your system is secure with an in-depth Compromise Assessment.

$120 Billion in assets under protection

Over 100 Critical Cyber Security Incidents Investigated Daily

50 Billion security events collected and analyzed daily

Over 27 Ransomware Strains stopped daily

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