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68% of all cyber security breaches were due to a web server misconfiguration.

TruShield’s Security Architecture and Design services focus on designing systems and applications with confidentiality, integrity, and availability built-in from conception. We understand that every agency and industry is unique and that maintaining a secure and robust system is different for every organization. We begin by understanding your objectives, the various¬†requirements of your environment, and applicable constraints. We then analyze the information gathered from your system, validate our understanding, and develop a preliminary approach in consultation with your team. Lastly, we apply our extensive field experience and industry best practices to develop a sound and practical information security architecture tailored to your needs. The result is an enhanced security posture, reduced management burden, and an increased level of compliance.


  • Improve security posture by ensuring critical assets are protected
  • Extend network investment by expanding the security capabilities
  • Ensure security architecture principles are integrated into design of future deployment initiatives
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance with a strong, sustainable security infrastructure

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