Continuous Security Monitoring Plus

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Every second counts. When the worst happens, will you be able to respond fast enough?

Does your company know how to respond when a security alert is received?

TruShield’s Continuous Security Monitoring Plus solution provides complete security with an array of features and capabilities to make sure your organization is as secure as possible.

Our CSM Plus solution (an upgrade from CSM) allows the experienced TruShield cyber security team to actively monitor, alert and respond to threats on your network, 24/7/365. With Continuous Security Monitoring Plus, TruShield is always on watch and will actively respond on your behalf to prevent a threat on your network from becoming a crisis.

Supercharge your Continuous Security Monitoring!

Continuous Security Monitoring Plus


CSM Plus gives you all the features of our CSM solution, PLUS:

  • Active device management
  • Active threat protection
  • Active containment and eradication
  • Active endpoint protection






customized security system

24/7 Alerting

meeting IT budget demands
supercharged security 24/7 Monitoring super continuous monitoring
supercharged cyber security 24/7 Containment and Eradication 24/7 cyber security
around the clock network monitoring 24/7 Endpoint Protection 24/7 cyber support continuous security


With CSM Plus, you can rest easy knowing that TruShield is not just monitoring, we’re protecting and preventing too.



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