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Protecting sensitive information from the ever-expanding threat of criminal hackers, corporate espionage and other security breaches requires a risk-based defense. The approach must incorporate a thorough understanding of your business and its inherent risks, a best-practices-based model, robust security architecture, and continuous monitoring. At the core of our commercial services are compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NCUA, and FDIC.
TruShield delivers flexible Managed Security Services (MSS) that reduce risk on day one without the upfront capital requirements. From our SAS 70 Security Operation Center (SOC) in Northern Virginia we provide a variety of comprehensive services including threat intelligence, continuous security monitoring, to incident response. Each set of services combine hardware, software, and dedicated experienced certified security personnel to enhance your security posture and reduce risk. We relieve your security and compliance burden. From fortune 500 to the small business, TruShield’s solutions deliver security, performance, and total situational awareness.

Common Commercial Services include:

Managed Security Services
TruShield’s Managed Security Solutions assure business continuity and improve regulatory compliance, while protecting your organization from financial loss. Our experienced professionals and state-of-the-art security solutions deliver cost effective and comprehensive protection to organizations across a diverse array of industries. Our customized solutions enable our clients to meet their business requirements without the expense and risk of in-house development.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)
TruShield provides security appliances which help reduce risk by deploying a solution for firewalls, IPS, Gateway and end-point antivirus, VPN, web content filtering, and data leak protection.

Penetration Testing
TruShield’s main objective of our Penetration Testing service is to discover any vulnerability in your organization’s systems that an attacker can actually exploit to gain entry to your environment. Our Penetration Testing service requires the bare minimum information about the environment, usually just the IP addresses of the systems to be tested. Our security experts are at the forefront of new exploit research and discovery and work from the perspective of a potential attacker by identifying the highest value targets and systematically working across all attack vectors to highlight your organization’s most critical risks. The assessment is performed using a penetration testing toolkit which includes many of the most popular commercial and open source hacking tools. Due to the specialized skillset required for this type of assessment, Penetration testing must be performed by highly trained and experienced security engineers. The results of a penetration test will be free of false positives and false negatives TruShield will highlight only those vulnerabilities we were actually able to exploit. Our report will include very specific instructions on closing any holes in your external-facing networks.
Additionally, TruShield can also perform additional types of penetration testing:

  • Testing internal network interconnections
  • Discovery and assessment of unauthorized wireless networks
  • Social engineering techniques which gauge the effectiveness of your security awareness training program

Threat Intelligence
TruShield can assist your organization by performing an initial Threat Assessment utilizing publicly available intelligence regarding global and domestic threats, both from external entities and malicious insiders.  TruShield’s Threat Analysis personnel will compile a threat matrix identifying the motivations, intentions, tactics, and cyber skills necessary for an attacker to carry out an identified attack vector.  The threat matrix is used to develop a detailed narrative describing each of the threats and the credibility of the information source.

Continuous Monitoring
TruShield’s Continuous Monitoring Program is designed to give clients a clear picture of their current and ongoing security posture. We can manage the entire program or work with you to minimize your exposure to risk through our Continuous Diagnosis and Mitigation (CDM) service.  The process for continuous monitoring includes automating asset inventory, configuration management, and vulnerability management.

Incident Management
From discovery to resolution, TruShield’s Incident Management services can rapidly containment and eradicate threats and minimize the duration the impact of a security breach. TruShield will guide you through the necessary steps to reduce the risk of a breach and mitigate the effects of the breach.



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