Lip Kits = Loss of Security

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Lip Kits = Loss of Security

Lip KitsIf you happen to be a make-up connoisseur and an IT specialist then you have probably heard about the security breach that happened to a very famous reality TV star.

Kylie Jenner has recently popped up again due to her new makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie released her line of lip kits which retail at almost $29. They are the latest craze and they sell out in 5 minutes once released.

In a recent release of the product, users logged into their accounts to place their order but once logged in they realized that their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) was not their own. Majority of users were outraged and took to social media for this mishap.

Users of the site have had their banks automatically send them replacements of their credit cards which indicates that credit card numbers were leaked in the security breach.

The e-commerce site that Kylie partnered with was listed on her homepage is none other than Shopify. A very well-known company that develops computer software and point-of-sale systems.

Neither Kylie nor Shopify have addressed this security breach. Which makes us wonder why they were able to get away with it. When users PII is jeopardized no company big or small should be able to continue without taking responsibility and accepting the consequences.

Cybersecurity is not limited to just one industry. We have heard big names like Target, Aetna, and Ashley Madison just to name a few from different industries. Many business tend to overlook cybersecurity because they do not see the need since they never think they could be a target. The truth is, information is profitable to someone in some way. Size or industry doesn’t matter when it comes to trying to infiltrate a business as we can clearly see with what happened with the security breach that happened to Kylie Jenner.

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