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Press Release: TruShield Security Solutions, Inc. Participated as Panelist at Cyber Security Seminar

TruShield Security Solutions, Inc., a global cyber security company providing continuous security monitoring solutions, participated as a member of a panel at a seminar in New York City on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

The seminar, hosted by Peltz International, was geared towards hedge fund managers and executives at family offices. Multiple cyber security experts participated on the panel, and discussed how this particular niche group can keep themselves and their client data and finances safe.

“The seminar was very well received by hedge fund managers, fund of funds managers, and family office representatives.” Said Lois Peltz, Founder and President at Peltz International. “Cyber security experts discussed the current regulatory pressures as well as detailed steps needed to develop a compliant cyber security plan, and then how to implement that plan into a program. Another key aspect of the program was how to determine a cyber security budget.”

“This was an important panel for Peltz International to host,” said Paul Caiazzo, Principal and Chief Security Architect at TruShield, “Its hard to believe, but there are still those out there that think because they are small, they are not at risk. In today’s world, opportunistic threats are everywhere, and it isn’t possible to be perfect at preventing all of them.  It truly isn’t just scare tactics – everyone is at risk, even small hedge funds and family offices, who have a fiduciary duty of care to protect their clients through sound information security.”

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